Are you looking for a hard money investment residential loan? We are an experienced leader in Florida that offers flexible hard money buy and hold loans with competitive rates. Buy and hold loans give you the extra income you need for your property or properties. They are short-term loans for borrowers in the commercial, industrial, or residential real estate business. We serve both Florida real estate investors and landlords by getting them the capital they need to succeed in business.

Here are just some of the loans we offer:

  • Multi-family Units
  • Single Family Residence
  • Investment Rentals and Sales
  • Fix and Flips
  • Fix and Holds
  • Listed For Sale
  • Rehabilitation Loans
  • Condos
  • Secondary Homes
  • Short Sales

What is the Buy and Hold Strategy?

When you take out this non-traditional type of loan, the strategy involved includes purchasing a foreclosed or undervalued home with the goal of selling it at a profit either through renovations, appreciation, or both. Or to keep it and rent the property out. Because many foreclosures are not bankable , a hard money buy and hold loan is the how to get the resources you need.
Our client’s have been getting buy and hold loans from us for decades. This is because traditional lenders are extremely limited on what type of real estate situations they can lend to. Typically they are limited to primary, owner-occupied residences. At Leader Mortgage Services we love to lend to non-owner occupied properties and to real estate professionals who intend to turn those properties into a profit. There is tremendous value in taking a distressed property and renovating it for profit and that’s why we have been offering buy and hold loans for 25+ years. We don’t put any limits on how many properties you can buy with our buy and hold loans.
Our investors are more concerned about your equity than they are your credit, so even if you have less than average credit, prior bankruptcies, or foreclosures, we can still approve you. Our process is fast and simple and designed to get you your money fast, sometimes in as little as four days.

To learn more about buy and hold loans and to get started right now, contact our friendly team at (954) 205-5444. We will answer all of your questions and have you fill out a simple and fast application with same day approval. What are you waiting for? Call today or get started right now by filling out an application.